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Why a Custom Made Suit. ?

Custom Made means becoming your own designer.

A perfect fit custom made suit

There is a lot of difference when buying a suit from a store in comparison to getting it made from the tailor on your own. It would be a rare occasion when a suit from a branded store would fit you perfectly. It’s always a wise decision to get your suits tailor made.

Suits are the best thing a man can decide to wear and it won’t make him look foolish. Ever! Wearing a good fitted suit is every man’s dream and you can’t go wrong with it.

There is a famous saying that ‘What bikinis are to men, Suits are to women’.

Here’s Why:

# 1. Best Fitting Ever

The fitting of a tailor made suit is way better than a readymade suit at a branded store simply because you can get a tailor made suit according to your own fit inch by inch. You can ask the tailor to make exactly how you want. But in a readymade suit, you will have to fit into the size which is already available.

A proper custom made suit

# 2. You Can Be Your Own Designer

Nowadays, everyone loves to be their own designer and be creative. Making own designs and styles is the new trend. People no longer like to wear what every one is wearing but instead want to be unique and wear something different. Hence, become their own designer.

# 3. Numerous Customization Options

You can always have a say in even the minute details of making of your suit, like choosing the kind of buttons you want or the type of collar or even how many pockets you want which is an added advantage.

# 4. Infinite Range Of Fabric And Styles To Choose From

In a readymade suit, you have to choose from the range of fabric and style that the brand has to offer and your choice is limited, but when you get a suit made on your own, you can choose your own fabric and style giving you infinite option.

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