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The Suit Rules.

“People who wear formal clothes describe themselves as more competent and rational"

Every modern man should have a suit hanging in his wardrobe. Whether it’s brought out to be worn for those special occasions, or for your day at work, a suit will always be your essential go-to. However, like all things, there are some rules you always need to follow

Suit Fit

The first pointer (or obvious one) to take in mind of is your fit. With the options of slim and skinny fit undoubtedly the most popular amongst the modern man today, you need to make sure you know your stuff. Whether is a defined look you wanting to achieve or to compliment your broad shoulders, understanding the differences will help you greatly.

Major Rules of Wearing a Suit

  • Always insist on Fitting your Suit Before you Take it

  • Base your colour choice on occasion and time of year.

  • Never mix a patterned suit with a patterned shirt.

  • Keep your colour palette muted, especially when opting for a tie.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match collars with your suit.

  • Don’t opt for a pocket square and tie which coordinately match.

On That Note

Before you leave, look in the mirror. It sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised to what could happen in a minute. Is there a stain? Is your shoulder looking all scrunched up? And probably the most frequent mishap – Has your lapel folded over?

So, just look in the mirror again after you have put your bag on your back or taken your last gulp of your tea or even dropped your key and bent over to pick it up. You may see something that wasn’t there before that action.


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