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Exploring Suit Color

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Choosing the right Color of Suit for the right Occasion


First impressions are incredibly powerful, and so it becomes obvious that the color of ones suit isn’t a decision to make lightly.

It need not, however be a daunting task; like much of the rest of classic style, suit color is governed by a few simple rules that, once learned, make color selection an easy task.

There are certain colors that are appropriate for any occasion, and others that while suitable for one occasion would be completely out of place at another.

Also important to know is that some colors are limited by season, while others have particular associations that, if unknown, could produce unexpected results for the uninformed wearer.

Every Gentleman's First Suit

The single suit – that is, a suit for someone who rarely has cause to wear it, and thus has just the one suit.

This is often a “wedding and funeral” garment, as it will only be worn to an event where a suit is mandatory.

A dark, conservative suit is what you want; black, navy blue or charcoal gray are all equally acceptable. However, if you have to choose one, lean towards charcoal gray as it is perhaps the most versatile

Beyond Your Very First Suit

This is especially important in very formal professions such as politics, finance, and law, but applies more generally to any profession where a conservative, traditional appearance is desirable.

The traditional colors for men’s business suits are black, navy, and gray.

Every wardrobe should be built off a selection of dark suits, as that they are appropriate in almost any circumstance.

Which colors depends on the preference of the wearer, but the vast majority of men would do well to own one of each of the foundation colors – Charcoal Gray, Black, and Navy Blue.

Charcoal gray is a great color for the young man; unlike navy blue it does not accentuate his youth.

A black suit makes itself useful due to its similarity to formal wear, as well as its habit of projecting a sense of authority.

Finally, Navy Suits are excellent choices because of their sheer commonality; you can rest assured in a room of men in suits more than half will be wearing this color.

Brown is another popular base color for suit fabric, with options ranging from tan through to deep chocolate hues.

Many men look their best in earth-tones, making the brown suit an important part of their wardrobe; it is also a popular color for casual options including tweed suits and sports jackets.

As Black Men, we seem to Look better in dark or light suits, depending on the particular skin tone; a dark suit with a light colored shirt provides excellent contrast for the very dark-toned gentleman, while a more muted shirt and tie with a dark suit helps to give the more medium-toned wearer a warm look.

Finally, the light-toned man may be best served by light colored suits in earth-tones, which will harmonize more readily with his lower-contrast complexion.

For more discussions about your desired and better choice for a perfect suit, Empire Suits would like to invite you to visit any of our workshops in Gaborone or around the country and speak to any of our assistants, we will help you not only choose the best colour for your occasion, but the best colour to match your skin tone.

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