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Avoiding the wedding Fever.

"What most people don't talk about when planing a wedding.

So, its that time of the year and the tensions are running high. Your desire for perfection has never been at its most high like this before. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful wedding day, A day that you don't want anything to go wrong, from the food to decoration all the way the last detail. The thing is, when planning a wedding, not everything goes well, there is bound to be a late addition or a service that wont be delivered to perfection. 

Most of the time, the most difficult part in planning a wedding is deciding the right garments, colours, and choosing the right tailors to trust with the task. Many people have ended up using in-store or rented garments because the tailor failed to either deliver on time or delivered a substandard garment. Be it a grooms suit or a brides dress, all have to be perfectly designed and ready on the wedding day. 

Designed and Tailored By Empire suits
Empire Weddings

Most people have a hard time dealing with the choice of garments to wear on their wedding day. From the so many ideas available online, they find them selves corned between choices. At Empire premium.custom suits, its not just the time we take to discuss with you about the suitable design or colour, it goes beyond to choosing the right fabric and accessories. We invest time in creating unique ideas that will take the load of having to decide which colour will match with what your desired theme will be. Our assistants will ensure your satisfaction before booking you into our wedding list, making sure that you cross your garments off the To-do list. 

Our team of professional designers will take your project to the next step by working with you every step of the way, from having your measurements taken to performing various fittings to ensure your suit is perfect for you. 

Designed and Tailored by Empire Suits
Empire Weddings

The time factor has always been our most considered aspect and delivering our finished product has always been on time. We will deliver your suits ensuring both quality and perfection have been met.

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