Frequently asked questions

What does the Term " Bespoke" Mean

be•spoke adj: said especially of clothes. Making or selling custom-made clothing. A bespoke tailor.

The word bespoke has its roots in Savile Row, where it refers to clothing made to a client’s exact specifications. Bespoke tailoring involves the creation of a unique pattern for each client, differentiating it from made-to-measure, which merely adjusts a standard preexisting pattern. The Savile Row tradition, which Michael Andrews adheres to, also requires that garments be sewn principally by hand, with only long seams finished on a sewing machine. Experience for yourself the difference true bespoke makes. in recent times, this term has commonly been replaced by the term " Custom -Made or Made to Measure, which still means the same thing.

How Does the Custom -Made Process Work?

At Empire, We believe ordering custom clothing should be as much fun as wearing it. When you first come in, we’ll start by asking a few questions about your tastes and preferences to get to know you better. Once we understand what you like, we’ll help you choose from our wide range of fabrics and styling details.

If you need a little extra fashion advice, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our expert and honest style guidance. We’ll happily give you our suggestions on everything from the cut that works best for your build to patterns and colors that are most flattering on you.

Once you’ve designed your new clothes, we’ll take an abundance of measurements to ensure a precise fit. We’ll contact you upon completion of your garments to schedule a fitting. If any alterations are needed, we generally perform them on-site in about 2days to 4

Why do i need to make an Appointment ?

At Empire,We encourage appointments so that each client receives the attention he deserves. We’re happy to accommodate same-day fittings whenever space is available, so don’t hesitate to call or email us, even at the last minute.

What are the Arrangements for Payments ?

We request a half deposit at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance is due once your garments are completed and ready for fitting.

For clients outside the Gaborone Area,payment is due in full at the time the order is placed unless another arrangement is made.

We accept cash, Ewallet, and other forms of same day approved payments

We dont accept Cheques unless prior arrangement with the management.

Can my suit be Altered incase i Gain or Lose Weight ?

Generally, yes. We leave extra seam allowance to allow our garments to be easily altered. We offer free alterations on your garments for six months from the time you take them home.

How do i care or Clean my New Suit

After each wear, hang your suit outside the closet overnight so that moisture and odor can escape the fabric. Hang your trousers long-ways from the bottom hem with a pant hanger – this allows the weight of the garment to pull wrinkles out naturally, thus reducing the need for pressing.

Your suits should be dry cleaned only if they become physically dirty, and generally should not be cleaned more than a few times a year. If your garment isn’t visibly dirty but needs a refreshing, use a hand-held steamer or have it hand-pressed by a reputable cleaner.

Although dry cleaning itself (if done properly) won’t damage a garment, far too many cleaners fail to adequately maintain their equipment and often use dirty chemicals in the “cleaning” process. Moreover, poor quality pressing can make your suits look old, tired and damaged after only one press. Invest in the best quality dry cleaner in your area to take care of your suits. While a good cleaner is expensive, they will keep your suits looking great for much longer than their mediocre competition will.

How Long will it take for my Suit to be Made ?

Usually, we give our clients 14 working days for the suit to be complete, under these 14 working days, we will call the clients to visit our primises for the first fitting and then we will perfom any required alterrations and deliver the suit. This only apply to the normal one suit per order, any other bulk orders will be subjected to further communications between us and the clients. We will always ensure your Bulk Order is done before you need it.